Enjoy a drink at COCORO when exploring Asakusa

A variety of juice is a delicious fruit cafe

It was opened with the desire that anyone can feel free to enjoy the space. You can enjoy not only fresh juice and parfait, but also meals such as ginger and hamburger and cocktails using fruits.


About the cafe bar menu in Asakusa

Enjoy a menu of light meals at a coffee shop


We prepare juice using delicious fruit

Various menus with a focus on fruit juice


Please visit us while referring to the access method


company name

Asakusa COCORO Co., Ltd.

Street address

1-7-1 Komaki Building, 1-7-1 Nishi Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

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The shop serving as a cafe bar in Asakusa is popular among foreign tourists as they can enjoy delicious fresh juice and coffee. If you want to take a break, you can feel free to visit the coffee shop. Access information is open to the public, so please have a look before visiting.

About us

Please enjoy a drink at the Asakusa cafe bar

Information for those looking for a cafe around Asakusa

We offer snacks and coffee mainly on fruit juice made with delicious fruits, and are operating as a fruit parlor that customers who visit the area around Tahara can take a break. We welcome many visitors from locals to foreign tourists, so please feel free to use them when you visit nearby. We strive to create an in-store atmosphere so that each customer can fully relax, and we are also working on customer service with a close attention.
This is a place where you can spend a fashionable time as a rest when you are strolling nearby for sightseeing. We offer a variety of menus and welcome you to visit our store so that you can relax and try various menus and enjoy your favorite drink. We will entertain you so that you can enjoy a leisurely time in the town just off the busy street of the tourist area, so when you are looking for a resting place such as a coffee shop during a local walk from sightseeing Please do not hesitate to come to.

If you are considering a café, please check out the shops in Asakusa

If you are looking for a coffee shop in the vicinity of Tawaramachi, please consider a restaurant that offers a wide variety of customers with a menu of drinks and snacks with a focus on fruit juice. Each customer is relaxed in the street just a little away from the sightseeing spot, and we are looking after the atmosphere in the store to the customer service so that you can enjoy each time. Not only locals and tourists from Japan, but also foreign visitors, we are looking forward to seeing you around. Please use it.
We present menus of various juices and snacks using fruits, and we try our best to make you feel relaxed while satisfying your thirst and a little hunger. We are working to be a shop where customers can relax and want to use it over and over again, so they are interested in fruit parlors that offer juice, coffee, etc. Please drop in once and enjoy various menus according to your preference.